Monday, 1 November 2010


These are a few images I took of a race in Birmingham.
I used a flash gun quite alot during the shoot.
The runners had to jump across a stream, run up a steep hill and across two fields three times during the race.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Penrath Pier also being used by a local gymnastics group.

Millennium Stadium standing proud in the city centre.

Many of Cariff's residents are encouraged to
ride bikes instead of driving.

Evidence of youths playing football.

View of the new International Sporting Village being
build from Penarth Pier.

The sea being used as a tourist attraction and for leisure activities,
Penrath Pier.

In the 1800's till the early 20th century, Cardiff was well known for being the biggest exporter of Welsh coal and its ports being one of the busiest in the world.
Now, with Welsh coal not being in high demand, some disused docks are being trasformed to make way for new villages and sporting arenas to help support the London 2012 Olympic games and help Cardiff become known as a sporting capital as well as a seaside town. In 2009, over 61% of Cardiff's population played sport regularly and the city was awarded the European City of Sport award.